As we embark on the publication of the second edition of Images Magazine,

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As we embark on the publication of the second edition of Images Magazine, it is incumbent upon us to inform our many readers about the resounding success of our previous edition, in terms of acceptance by the public.


Though there were difficulties firstly with shipment of the first edition to Monrovia from Lebanon, where the magazine was taken for printing, we consider such difficulties as normal, in view of the fact that unforeseen huddles are associated with the establishment and sustenance of any new business such as ours.


  Indeed, owing to the quality of the first edition, we received many goodwill messages from our readers as well as friends, relatives, and the general public. Interestingly, we gave more than two hundred complementary copies of the first edition of the magazine to people in all strata of our society and beyond.


The many people that called to laud our professional effort included the Vice President of Liberia, H.E. Joseph Nyumah Boakai; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Toga Gaywea McIntosh (PhD) who also wrote us a formal letter in that direction; Mother Mary Brownell, former Commissioner of the National Elections Commission (NEC); Emmanuel Shaw, former Finance Minister; and Rev. J. Emmanuel Z. Bowier, former Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT).


  The magazine was impressively rich in its content, quality, coupled with its eye-catching photographs. Many of those who first received complimentary copies for individuals kept same for themselves.


Hundreds of others orally commended us for the good work, while some others thought otherwise. We also met some of our fellow countrymen, who showered serious criticisms against us, and went as far as linking us to government. Nevertheless, we hold the view that in a democratic state such as ours, individuals are entitled to their opinions. 


As one philosopher once said,  “While I do not agree with what you said, I will defend to death your right to say it.”  We felt that if the objective recounting of some positive developments by the Government of President Ellen Johnson  Sirleaf for Liberia made us to be pro-government, then we accept the ”guilty verdict.”


In our first publisher’s note, we made it clear that any Liberian who did anything to lift our country would definitely be held in high esteem; hence, we are under obligation to feature them.


While we maintain that public interest is our paramount concern, we also uphold the principle that love of country and respect for constitutional authorities are hallmarks for the maintenance of law and order. This is why we call on every Liberian to use this magazine as a vehicle to promote our dear country, and also show the outside world that indeed we are capable of not only sustaining our young democracy, but also promoting development in all spheres of life as well.


We are fully aware that many of our people lack the culture of reading; therefore, we will do everything humanly possible to encourage them to change that mentality.


This edition is special for Liberia’s independence anniversary celebration on July 26, 2011. Therefore, our focus is on Lofa County, the venue for the national celebration. We painfully toured the county to inspect development projects for the occasion. Unfortunately, during our journey, the publisher, along with Lofa County Protocol Officer, was involved in a motor accident, after which both men were rushed to Kolahun Hospital for emergency medical attention. Nevertheless, we believe that no sacrifice is greater than the sacrifice for Mama Liberia.   


   In this edition, we also take a bird’s eye view of the Tappita Hospital, where we spent about two days touring, and observing the doctors performing major surgical operations on people who cannot afford to travel out of that county for medical treatment in Monrovia, let alone travel out of the country. This is why we are grateful to the Peoples Republic of China for that humanitarian gift to the people of our country.


We witnessed the launch of campaign activities on July 5 for elections 2011, and we wish to commend the Liberian people thus far. A successful outcome of the entire process will be credited to all Liberians, and not only to the Government and politicians.


We call on those vying for public offices and their supporters to discuss their development platforms, and refrain from the use of profanities that will drag us into unnecessary violence. Let the electorate be told of what can be delivered, in order to convince them for their votes, rather than contestants heaping insults on one another. Indeed, there should be no room for gutter politics.


The time has come to move Liberia forward, backward never. We are grateful to our regular advertisers, while we welcome our new ones on board.  As we go to press, we pay tributes to our falling colleagues:  Mr. Stanton Baryogar Peabody, former editor-in-Chief of the Daily Observer and lecturer of Mass Communication at the University of Liberia; Patrick Workpor, Editor-in-Chief of the Inquirer Newspaper; and Patrick Passawe of the Press Bureau of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs. May God save their souls, and may light perpetuated shine on them.  


We introduced a photo contest in the first edition called PHOTO REEL, replacing my popular CANDID CAMERA that for years appeared in the Daily Observer, Liberia’s oldest Independent Daily.

Unfortunately, no one participated, except a youth who called from Voinjama, Lofa County. Once again, we hope for a successful independence anniversary celebration in Voinjama, Lofa County.